What to Expect

Let me start by saying that while this is a professional blog, I would like it to take on a somewhat informal tone. I would like to encourage discussion, and even potentially debates about what is posted here.

What/Who is A Transition In Thought?

A Transition in Thought is a BI consulting company with a focus in Tableau and Alteryx, data dashboarding and data blending/ advanced analytics software companies respectively. A Transition in Thought performs consulting and teaching services. If you are interested please contact Michael at michael@atransitioninthought.com A Transition in Thought’s name come from two places. The first being that BI industry is undergoing a major transformation due in part to the shear power modern computing as well as the ever broadening acceptance of Visual Analytics, these changes demand a shift in thinking. The second being the CEO’s belief that the only way for progress happens is when we keep an open mind and allow new information and new perspectives to continue to mold the way we think. Thus A Transition in Thought.

Michael Davis

A Transition in Thought LLC is a company independently owned and operated by Michael Davis (me). I received my BS in Mathematics from Hofstra University in 2012 and have been working in Analytics since. If you are interested in learning more about my professional career feel free to check out my linkedin. I would happily identify as a data geek but am much worse than that. I look at visuals I see in every day life and can’t help but think about how the data must be structured, what the questions must have been to develop the image displayed, how I would have designed the information display differently, what the goal of the image is, and so on. When I am not distracted by the information design around me, I enjoy cooking and learning about the way others view the world so that I can continue to broaden my own.

What should you expect?

The intention of this blog is to provide a forum for discussion about topics of interest that impact the BI world. I will be making periodic blog posts about Tableau and Alteryx related topics often showing how to build an interesting visual, prepare data, or discuss a solution I found for interesting problems.

How to Contact Me

Discussing a post?: Comments on it!

Looking for some help?: Send me an email at michael@atransitioninthought.com I may not be able to respond immediately but it is the best way to make sure that I get your message.

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